Chocolate Corks

A true innovation in chocolates and wine pairings!

Meet the 1st “Chocolate Cork”, wine lovers pairing paradise!

Meet the 1st “Chocolate Cork”, wine lovers pairing paradise!

Say "Hello" to the world's first chocolate cork

The "Chocolate Corks"  were inspired one evening drinking wine with friends, eating dark chocolate and discussing how wine corks have been reinvented into works of art and home decor.  As a creator of chocolate art, I thought to myself, it would be cool to have a chocolate wine pairing in the shape of a wine cork

I went to work looking into the characteristics of red wines and found "chocolate notes" or "undertones" of chocolate in its description.  I took my cues from these wines and began work on creating the perfect wine pairing.  The "Chocolate Cork" is made with cabernet sauvignon, dark chocolate and infused with red berry flavors such as cherry and red raspberry.  The final wine pairing accent to this wonderful treat is powdered raspberry that gives resemblance of a red wine stained cork.

-Paul, 2012

Chocolate Corks, Patent Pending