Chef Paul

Gold-medalist chocolatier opens his first store in Franklin, TN

Paul Burnash Master Chocolatier and pastry chef is set to open his first chocolate store in Franklin, Tennessee, November 12, 2012.  The store is conveniently located on Frazier Drive and Mallory Lane, "hidden" behind Chuy's and across from Chick-Fil-A. 

Paul's Chocolate Gallery carries a selection of timeless classics, locally-infused flavors and nostalgic flavors for every season like peanut butter cups, chocolate raspberry cream, milk chocolate salted caramel, chocolate with Jack Daniels Whiskey and many other local distillers and Wineries. 

A lifelike centerpiece for your next holiday like a Faberge Egg for Easter, a pumpkin for Thanksgiving or Santa boots and sleigh turns into a conversation piece when it is unexpectedly eaten!  

Paul creates chocolate masterpieces.  His works of art include everything from iconic Country Music Award pieces to a chocolate Salvador Dali piano or lifelike treasure chest.  His pieces are all works of art and are meant to be eaten!  They are made with the highest quality Belgian chocolate. 

Create a unique and tailored corporate gift or corporate gift basket with Paul that your client will love.  A corporate gift can be as simple as a box filled with an array of chocolates.  It can also be their business expressed in chocolate art like a chocolate sculpture or chocolate miniature.  Your clients will be ecstatic that you went the extra mile for their business.

Paul's Chocolate Gallery makes gifts and party favors for special occasions.  Collaborate with Paul to make the baptism, wedding, anniversary, new baby and milestone birthday centerpiece and party favors that are much more thoughtful and unique. 

Paul has been making stunning desserts and chocolate works of art for over 27 years.  He brings technical expertise and art to chocolate the world has not seen before.  He's a gold medalist many times over by The American Culinary Federation.  His works have been noted by top food journalists and featured in Bon Appetit and Conde Nast Traveler magazines.  His training consists of culinary school and apprenticing under world-renowned and pastry champion Master Pastry Chef Gilles Renusson.  And in the art center of the world Paris, France, under world-known Master Pastry Chef and author Joel Bellouet.  His career carried him across 4 star and 5 star country clubs, restaurants and hotels throughout Michigan and Maryland.  The last twelve years he served as Executive Pastry Chef at the Renaissance Hotel in Nashville.  He looks forward to his next venture as business owner and continues his journey as chocolate artist. 

Believe it or not, Paul's first tools were a bulldozer and blowtorch.  Growing up in a family owned demolition business with five brothers and four sisters, his future seemed to be laid out for him.  He kept his work boots and traded in his big demolition machinery for tools to create. 

Paul is looking for customers who challenge his technical mastery and imagination by building chocolate works of art together.  Paul is looking for customers who demand the highest quality gourmet chocolates and want to satisfy their sweet tooth without a sugar crash. 

Stop in anytime; it's always fun to see and try new things Paul has created!  Store Hours are Monday through Saturday, 10:30 a.m. - 7:00 p.m.